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Adrienne Shulman
4 min readFeb 2, 2023


A technology consulting company for the modern age.

I am happy to announce my new venture Tenger Ways, a consulting company designed to help organizations get more value from technology. My co-founder, Daniel, and I weren’t planning on starting a company together. But, we started noticing a common theme in conversations we were having throughout the past year and realized there’s a large, unmet need that we can fill.

Adrienne Shulman and Daniel Keith, Tenger Way Founders

CEOs know the better their technology runs, the better their business performs. But many companies are struggling to create high-performing technical organizations today. It’s because technology has changed so fast and so dramatically over the past decade that it’s been nearly impossible for most organizations to adapt fast enough.

Both Daniel and I have long careers in technology. He has over 20 years of experience in Operational IT and has held leadership roles both as a consultant and operator. I have over 20 years of experience in Product & Platform Engineering in Enterprise SaaS. What we have in common is year after year, no matter our role or the projects we worked on, we used technology to solve problems and improve business performance, and we did it in a way where the people we worked with were more engaged and happier.

Because of our technology expertise and passion for helping, people tend to call us for advice. Often. But, when I stepped down from leading Enterprise IT for a multibillion-dollar global SaaS company last year, the phone calls increased. Friends, friends-of-friends, former colleagues, CIOs, CEOs, and CFOs, were reaching out for advice on how to “fix” their IT. The companies were all different — different industries, business models, and sizes — but all had similar stories. They were not getting what they needed from their business applications — across Salesforce, Netsuite, ServiceNow, and others. Tech projects were taking too long and kept getting delayed. They lack governance and change control. Quality kept slipping as their systems got more and more complex.

Daniel was hearing the same stories from people calling him. Each company we spoke with was unique, but their problems sounded the same. And, as Daniel and I were sharing stories with each other, we realized these were the same problems we had each been solving throughout our careers. All our success over the past decade in creating high-performing engineering and technology teams, we did through leveraging modern practices.

What are Modern Practices?

Modern Practices are designed to take advantage of emerging technologies. Because technology is constantly evolving, these practices are as well, which is why there is not one single definition that everyone agrees on. But here’s what modern practices mean to us: it’s taking a people and culture-first approach to solving technology problems, leveraging principles based on lean, DevOps, and agile ways of working, emphasizing customer experience, small batch cycles, iterative development, and continuous learning. These practices are used to unlock innovation and speed, which have been directly tied to overall organizational performance.

Why should you care about Modern Practices?

It’s easy to see why modern practices have become popular. But our passion doesn’t just come from the fact that they are better for business. Our passion comes from the fact that they are also better for humans. I have been using these newer ways of working with every team I’ve been on for the last few years, and not only has team performance increased every single time, but people have gotten happier. Less stressed. No more burn-out. While we started Tenger Ways to help organizations adopt modern practices to improve their overall performance, the more important reason is that we think it’s what the world needs.

How can we help you?

Are you part of an organization that has similar challenges? Do you want help optimizing your technology and technology teams? Reach out to us. Let’s talk about your unique challenges and see how we might be able to help you improve.

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Adrienne Shulman
Founder and Executive Principal
Tenger Ways



Adrienne Shulman

Founder and Executive Principal at Tenger Ways, helping organizations adopt DevOps, Agile and Modern Technology Practices.